Seeking greatness, finding balance, pursuing passion as a

parent – athlete – physician

May my experiences shared encourage the best in you!


With gratitude to all who have encouraged me to share my experience preparing to represent Team USA at the Long Course Triathlon World Championships in Motala, Sweden on June 27, 2015

The Big Picture

Over the past 13 years, I have had enjoyed the challenge of training for triathlon in the midst of medical school, residency and practice all while matriculating to motherhood. This year is a culmination of these as I prepare to represent Team USA at the Long Course Triathlon World Championships, advocate for the preservation and promotion of osteopathy as a residency program director and parent three energetic children as they adventure through life.

Seeking Greatness

From an early age I have been competitive and most uncompromisingly so with myself. Regardless of the nature of the pursuit, I am all-in and expect results to reflect effort. This internal attitude has supported my achievements in many arenas, but there are also many times when I have fallen short of the goal I set. Rather than give up or settle for a lower standard, I use these moments as motivation to reset, to adjust my training, learning and patience and again set the bar high. We will rise or fall to the level of expectations for ourselves, why not target greatness?

Finding Balance

Reflecting on this journey, the greatest challenge has been discovering how much of my energy could be spent on each facet without detracting from the other roles. This is NOT a fixed amount and fluctuations occur at any time, at any rate and have most definitely been gestational x 3. Signs I have learned to recognize of imbalance are irritability, exhaustion and, most concerning to me, decreased motivation in any or all of these three “disciplines.” Thankfully, my most patient and understanding husband serves as a reliable barometer of these shifts and is able to gently point out when I might need a meal, a nap, a date with him or one of the kiddos or a wicked workout. I am at my best when I find joy in the work I do in the gym, at the office and in my home and am able to approach each of these with enthusiasm. Building confidence and awareness in my ability to recognize when this is shifting and make adjustments is a daily quest. How do you find balance?

Pursuing Passion

The only means by which greatness and balance are made possible is the strong passion I hold for each of my pursuits. Parenting, fitness and osteopathy are integral to me. They challenge me daily to learn and grow personally and harbor so much potential to change the world for the better. I am humbled by the opportunity to nurture the development of three amazing human beings, awed by the capacity of my body to meet and exceed challenges of speed and strength and honored to be part of a profession dedicated to seeking the health. What ignites your passion? How can you make it part of your daily life?

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